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What shapes our environment ? What are the radical ideas of our time ? How can we trace back their history ? My name is Kevin Power. I am an artist/designer. I am interested in fashion, power, identity, social living conditions, inequalities in society and creating space for personal introspection and autonomy. I share with you my neighbourhood and the rich detail of the artizans who lived here 100 years ago. We will read the story of art and architecture and come to a deeper understanding of Amsterdam, Dutch culture and how it has evolved. Come for a walk with me on this fascinating journey, where today meets yesterday and we create a vision for tomorrow. We will end this tour with refreshments at my studio.

Artists and designers shape our world, they have constantly challenged the conventional and invented the new. Hire me as your private guide for a contemporary art/design walk. We can customise a tour at a time that is convenient to you.

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sex, Diamonds and the social revolution.

How to understand Dutch Culture in a two hour walking tour of “De Pijp” in Amsterdam?

The focus of this tour is on power and the early 20th century history of “De Pijp,’ . We will visit the social revolutionary housing project “De Dagraad,’ where architects and artists worked together to create a “Gesamtkunstwerk”. We will visit the old diamond neighbourhood and hear about working and living conditions and we will visit the SarphatiPark, which was once part of the red light district, and hear about social conditions of that time and soak up the village atmosphere that is here today. We will end the tour with a visit to my art studio which is nestled in the middle of all this local history.

Private 2 hour tour, one to four people, 150 euro.

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contemporary art Galleries.

Many of the contemporary art galleries in Amsterdam open exciting new shows every month and the cities museums and architecture are world class. With so much to see, how do you know where to go? Let Kevin Power, artist and designer behind the brand, Dali Lama’s Pajamas, put together an itinerary that will take you to the most talked about art exhibitions of the moment and together we will discover the new.

Private 2 hour tour, one to four people, 150 euro.


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